The Boogie Woogie Company, Cologne - das Original seit 1964

The Boogie Woogie Company Cologne - Founded in 1964

The “roaring sixties“ brought new ideas and new experiences in music and also led to a deeper remembrance of the powerful roots in Jazz and Blues. This movement was very productive and led also to the rediscovery of a style which seemed to be dead- the BOOGIE WOOGIE, a music popular in the third an fourth decade of 20th century. The revival of this music is with no doubt the merit of the activities of the German band BOOGIE WOOGIE COMPANY , Cologne. In summer of 1964 the creative and charismatic Boogie – player LEO VON KNOBELSDORFF and Modern-Jazz- Guitarist ALI CLAUDI and a rhythm group came together for a jamsession at the “ Kintopp Saloon “ of Cologne.This turned out as the birth of a new concept :a Boogie band with masterly performing soloists. The extraordinary success of this session led to the foundation of the BOOGIE WOOGIE COMPANY.

Kalle Hoffmeister

Within a few months this band became extremely popular , and concert- offers increased very quickly. The musicians played on international festivals , clubs and appeared in radio-shows and onTV.Thus the activities of the BOOGIE WOOGIE COMPANY helped the Boogie- style to a new popularity. Numerous young piano-players profited of this preparatory work. This band did not copy the originals. It succeeded in combining the ideas of the tradtional Boogie with modern elements of Jazz, creating a contemporary Boogie- band- style, powerful, rich in details, and versatile. More than 2800 concerts since 1964 proove this successful concept. Today the band is enjoying a cult-status.

Today the members of the band are:

Founder Leo v. Knobelsdorff left the band in 1989 due to his age, but still stays in friendly contact. Bassplayer Heinz Grah left the band as well in1989. In a lot of concerts the band works with the excellent Boogie- player MARC GALPERIN replacing C. OESER

Released recordings:

Live For Dancing

"Live For Dancing"

Our Blue Boogie Soul

"Our Blue Boogie Soul"

Let' em jump

"Let' em jump"

Keep It Rolling

"Keep It Rolling"

Let The Good Times Roll

"Let The Good Times Roll"


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